Uncategorized October 8, 2021

Hello October -Fun Things To Do! And 3rd Quarter Real Estate Market Stats

By Michelle Portesi

Valhalla Estate near Taylor Creek

As we close in on the end of the month of October, there are still plenty of fun things to do in the next few weeks.

I’ve been doing recon on the Taylor Creek area over the last few weeks, as the leaves turn and the Kokanee Salmon run on different dates every year depending on the weather. I was just there last Friday, and while some stands of Aspen have turned, others were still as green as could be. Our recent snow may have made a difference, (or just turned all the leaves brown) but I’ll be sure to make another jaunt down to South Shore this week to check it out. The Kokanee Salmon were just starting to make their way up the creek from the lake, congregating still at the mouth, waiting for their mysterious inner clock to tell them to get a move on upstream. The Forest Service has been building new boardwalks in the more mud prone areas of the trail, and last I was there, it was still off limits to pedestrians. There’s still plenty of other creek viewing areas that are still accessible though, so don’t let that deter you!


From there you can venture through the many estate grounds along the lake, (See photo of Valhalla above) where fall color abounds. Though the Estates are closed for the season, aside from a few outdoor weddings, the walk is still as pleasant and peaceful as can be, with most of the crowds gone for the season. We like to wander past all the estates down to The Beacon at Camp Richardson for lunch, and if the weather is nice, they are still serving outdoors on their lakeside patio, which makes for a full and wonderful day all around.


Another fun thing to do this weekend is The Carson City Ghost Walk on Saturday October 23rd. (Most of you are already familiar with the Truckee Haunted History Tour, but as we’ve written about it previously, we’re introducing you to one you may not have known about.) An outdoor Historic History Tour through old downtown Carson City which runs most of the summer and fall months, but for Halloween, they add a twist of the macabre. You can brush up on your local history while characters in vintage garb walk you through the entertaining haunts and amusing skits along the old downtown district. It’s a lovely area in the fall that I have been far too remiss on visiting despite all the years I’ve lived in the Tahoe basin. There are several shops and restaurants to choose from after the tour, and it makes for another lovely day spent before the cold winter chill is here permanently for the season. Tickets can be purchased at this link: Carson City Ghost Walk.




These are just merely a few of the marvelous opportunities for fun in the Tahoe Truckee area and surrounding towns. If you’re interested in joining us here and need to know more about the real estate market, check out the link for the 3rd Quarter Real Estate Market Stats . Then, don’t forget to:

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