Uncategorized April 22, 2021

May Events Calendar 2021

by Michelle PortesiBetter late than never. Even though it’s off season, there are still plenty of fun things to do at Lake Tahoe and Truckee. Now is the time that locals get to enjoy the area before the summer hordes descend upon our fair community. Two for One coupons start appearing for your favorite restaurants in the local papers, (be sure to pick up the Tahoe Weekly) bike trails become ride-able and hanging out on the piers or the beach are no longer a freeze your butt off proposition. (Most of the time…) Memorial Day weekend historically kicks off the summer season. For all the fun stuff going on in May, click on the EVENTS calendar.‘Spring’ when it comes to the high Sierra’s is a relative term. The snows are receding and all of the browned landscape left in its wake is fairly boring and uninspiring. This time of year I start yearning for everything to be green and flowering. My fingers are just itching to start planting and gardening.  But temperatures can be deceiving, teasing with warm to even hot temps during the day, then plunging to below freezing at night. Snow is always possible. I have to keep slapping my hands and admonishing “No! No! No! You may NOT plant anything now. And yet perennials and lawns are starting to wake up from their winter nap and some watering becomes necessary. Guess I’ll have to console myself by raking up the endless parade of pine needles and pinecones, which seem to regenerate themselves profusely in my flower beds overnight.

Toward the end of getting rid of all that fire hazard brown detritus and creating defensible space, the town of Truckee will pick up yard waste in the green bags on your regular trash pick up day through May and part of June. For more information, go here: townoftruckee.com.

I’m not sure what the north and west shore does in this instance, but I’m sure they have similar programs.

As for gardening, if you really just can’t help yourself and start planting now anyway, be sure you have frost blankets on hand to cover all of your newly planted purchases.

Then get out there and enjoy Spring’s surprises.