Uncategorized May 30, 2019

June: Outdoor music returns!

By Tim Hauserman

Music on the Beach, Kings Beach. From a few years ago when the beach was a lot bigger than it is today.

After a long winter, it’s great to get outside under our clear blue sky, gather together and listen to music. Here’s four of my favorite places to make that happen:

Blues Tuesdays, Squaw Valley

There is something super special about listening to a blues guitar player live. It’s simple music with a beat that never fails to get me up and moving. And because it is Squaw Valley in the summer, Blues Tuesday’s attract some world class blues musicians. Get there early every Tuesday, enjoy the setting and the low key older crowd. Bring your own picnic, or partake of the offerings of the Squaw restaurants which bring out some fun inexpensive food for the crowd.

Starting June 11th.

6-8:30 pm.

Truckee Thursdays, Downtown Truckee

Every Thursday afternoon Downtown Truckee closes down and becomes an outdoor festival. There is music, a beer garden, lots of different food truck options, and a great crafts faire with everything from fine art to a bookstore. But mostly Truckee Thursday is a gathering together of everyone that calls Truckee home.

Starting June 13 5-8 pm


Music on the Beach, Kings Beach

Starting June 28  6-8:30

Put your toes in the sand and join the fun funky feel of music on the beach at Kings Beach every Friday. Kings Beach residents like to walk on down from their houses with a chair and a picnic basket to enjoy a few hours trying to decide which way to look: out towards the lake, or at the band? Tough decisions. Where else can you go for a swim and listen to music at the same time?


Concerts on the Commons Beach, Tahoe City

Every Sunday afternoon the place to end your weekend is to relax on the lawn at the Commons Beach in Tahoe City. This is a great opportunity to gather with friends and enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe. The lawn in front of the playground is packed with picnickers, and summers like this one after a big winter means the lake is high, and a great way to see the concert is to sit in your boat just off shore.

Starting June 16th 4-6 pm